Llegada de Juan Pujol a Caracas

Once the conflict was over, Juan Pujol and his family settled in Venezuela, where his daughter María Eugenia was born.

After a series of hard economic reverses his wife, Araceli, did not adapt to the new life, which motivated the separation of the couple.

Both Pujol and Araceli remade their lives, with the collaboration of the allies.

In Venezuela, Pujol taught English to local employees of the Shell oil company. Later he opened a stationery store and after his marriage with Carmen Cilia Álvarez he had three more children, María Elena –who died very young–, Carlos Miguel and Juan Carlos.

Araceli returned to Madrid with her children and remarried with Edward Kreisler, an American businessman who had been a double of Rodolfo Valentino, was well-connected with Hollywood and had excellent political and diplomatic connections. Both founded the Kreisler art gallery.