Tour of America

Sunderland seaplane
I left Britain in June 1945, aboard a Sunderland seaplane.

I left Great Britain in June 1945 on board a Sunderland hydroplane for the United States accompanied by Tommy Harris, for MI5 were determined to look after GARBO right to the end.

The British were always marvellous to me and, at the end of the war, MI5 gave me £15,000 as a reward for my work; they arranged for this money to be sent to Caracas through the Banco de Londres e Sud America.

We left from Southampton and landed in Baltimore after a twenty-four-hour flight. From there we went to Washington, where I had an interview with J. Edgar Hoover, the boss of the FBI, who wanted to meet me personally. He invited both Tommy and me to his house, where we had dinner in an underground room. Hoover showed great interest in my activities as a double agent and was most affable throughout, but he never asked me to work for him.

Tommy Harris and I then stayed in New York for a few days, after which I left him there while I went on to visit Cuba, Mexico and several other countries in South America. I was looking for somewhere which appeared safe and comfortable, free from nationalist extremism, and whose future looked prosperous and likely to become democratic, a country where I felt I could settle down permanently.

Finally I chose Venezuela.