About this website

Juan Pujol has been written about in books and numerous articles. He has been talked about in documentaries, interviews and films. He is on innumerable Internet sites but until today he did not have a web page of his own.

That’s why his daughter, María Eugenia, decided to provide this site so that anyone who has curiosity, interest or desire, can find her father, who with his intelligence, imagination and tenacity, fought and helped win a world war. In addition, he was able to keep his incredible story secret for forty years.

Sections of the Juan Pujol website

  • Timeline: throughout most of the chronology section the texts are by Juan Pujol, himself, as he wrote them, although there are slight adaptations to facilitate reading on the Internet.
  • Press: articles about Garbo published in print and digital media in different languages.
  • Television and Radio: programs in different languages about Juan Pujol.
  • Books: about espionage and about the agent Garbo, organized by languages.
  • Documentation: this section includes both official British documentation and the manuscripts of Juan Pujol from the book, Garbo, The Spy of the Century.
  • Family testimonies: written by Garbo’s children, Jorge, Juan and María Kreisler.


  • Francisco Rojas: documentation and text Juan Pujol, a brief biography.
  • Llum Quiñonero: text Araceli González, a decisive accomplice.
  • Jorge Churba: editing and selecting of texts for the Timeline as well as the text of the section, Garbo, The Spy who Defeated Hitler.
  • Johanna Collins: translation from Spanish to English.